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What is the New Age Movement?

Ask a passerby on the streets, “Are you a spiritual person?” The answer you get may not have anything to do with God, church or even praying. It may instead describe pseudo-religious practices that include crystals, tarot cards, Feng Shue, pyramids, psychic hotlines, ouija boards, astrology, ghosts, psychic healings, etc. These are the forms of the new spirituality or what is usually called the New Age Movement.

The New Age Movement is a generic broadly-defined spirituality based on a mixture of Eastern religions and mystical experiences, adapted and modified for the Western mindset. Based on the pantheistic worldview that everything is god, typical “New Agers” are interested in anything that helps them to tap into the divine source of all things and balance their lives with its available energy.

· If they are worried about the future, they consult their horoscope or have palms read or fortunes told.

· If they need good luck with their business, they may consult a Feng Shue interior designer, who will arrange a proper balance of space, furniture and accessories to appease the spirits that can affect the market.

· If they need assurance about a departed loved-one, they may call a medium or a channeler to pass on messages to the dead.

· If they have a Deja vu experience, they explain it in terms of reincarnation; a past life lived as another personality in a endless cycle of birth – death – rebirth.

Though it is identified as a new paradigm for experiencing the divine reality, the New Age movement is actually very old. Its beliefs and concepts are ancient occult techniques for connecting with spiritual entities. Unfortunately, these spiritual entities are evil and will deceive any who put their trust in them (Ephesians 6:10-13).

The first temptation recorded in the Bible is at the heart of New Age thinking. Satan lied that the woman would “be as God, knowing good and evil” if she ate the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3:1-5). New Age ideas tell us we are gods, we are divine. The couple’s disobedience against God’s law, plunged the earth into corruption and death (Genesis 3:14-19). By their willful rebellion, humans have aligned themselves with Satan and have become estranged from the Creator.

The New Age movement, in all of its forms, is a demonic counterfeit that promises the restoration of individual and societal problems apart from the help of the Creator. God has warned us in the Bible not to become ensnared in occult practices. These are conduits to demonic personalities and those who practice the magic arts become shackled in their wicked tentacles (Deuteronomy 18:10-13).

The powerful and ever-growing influence of the New Age movement belies its evil source and its inevitable failure. Only the Creator can redeem us from the curse of the Fall. He has provided a way through the clear revelation of Jesus Christ, His Son. Rejecting the Gospel and substituting a New Age alternative is the very essence of rebellion.

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