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What is a worldview and why does it matter?

Next time you are engaged in

, ask someone this question: “What are the most important issues in life? Or perhaps “What is your vision for living in this world?” Whatever answers are offered, you have begun to uncover that person’s worldview, the system of beliefs that helps that person make sense in the world.

Everyone that lives and breathes has a worldview. In fact, a worldview is the most important concept needed to grasp an understanding of the world and your place in it. A worldview is a set of assumptions you hold about the basic make-up of the world.

A worldview produces a person’s philosophy of life or a way of looking at reality. It is like a pair of eyeglasses that shapes your perception of why life exists, why things go wrong, how you behave, what you do with your life. Your goals, your aspirations are all based on those worldview assumptions, which assign meaning to your experience and providing a framework for making important decisions.

Because worldview assumptions mold your beliefs about everything and influence your behavior, it is vital to understand them. The basic assumptions of any worldview begin with the questions about God. Is there a God and has this God made himself known? How you answer these two questions will determine how you answer every other question you will ever ask.

Assumption 1: Does God exist? Of course, most peoples in the world believe that some kind of God exists. Their perception of God is defined very broadly according to the religious traditions of their cultures. When the tenets of these religions are analyzed, you find a vast assortment of contradictory ideas about God, which necessarily implies that all these ideas about God cannot all be true. So you see that it is not enough to believe in any God. If you are going to grasp reality, you have to start with the real God. You cannot rely on some figment of religious imagination. This leads us to the next question.

Assumption 2: Has God spoken? Has He made himself known? Is there a true revelation of the real God? The choices among religions are enormous. But the evidence for deciding which view reflects the truth from God points in one direction: the Bible. The God of creation has shown us his character, his power and his purposes in the pages of the Bible. He acted in history to carry out a plan of redemption, culminating in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Evidence for the truthfulness of the Bible is found in its authority, its textual accuracy, its fulfilled prophecies, its historical reliability and its objectivity. Because God is and God has spoken, we can have God’s perspective on this world. His view of the world becomes our worldview. His view for the world becomes our mandate. The assumptions we hold about God will directly shape how we think and live our lives.

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