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What happened in the Fall?

The Fall refers to the rebellion of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, when they transgressed God’s law and aligned themselves and all creation in league with Satan. Whatever is wrong in the world today is a result of that rebellious act against the rule of God. Unless the Fall of humanity and the curse is acknowledged and understood, then the mystery of evil can never be put in perspective and partially unveiled.

These are the implications of the Fall:

· Humans have rebelled against the rule of the King.

· The world is under God’s curse.

· Humans continue to rebel resulting in enmity with God and among themselves.

The Curse has tainted everything in creation:

· Physical Creation: floods, famines, birth defects, plague, hurricanes, tornadoes.

· Animal Creation: flies, mosquitoes, wild animals no longer obey man.

· Individual Dysfunction: manic-depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, anorexia, bulimia, etc.

· Social Dimension: tribal fighting, wars, ethnic cleansing, wife beating, child abuse, sexual abuse, corporate competition

Because of the Fall, humans are prone to error. Left to ourselves, we corrupt even the clear message of the Bible. This tendency to twist and misinterpret God’s revelation is recorded in the very history of God’s people and a common occurrence in daily life

· Israel continually deviated from the covenant stipulations of God.

· The New Testament community had false prophets attempt to infiltrate its ranks and subvert the Gospel message.

· The early Church saw its doctrinal purity tainted relatively soon after the apostles had died.

Individuals pick and choose what they approve in God’s word and discard the rest. It is common practice to substitute the truth as taught by the apostles with human traditions, filling religious rituals with error and deception. Common among Christendom is the idolatrous veneration of Mary and the saints. Other perversions of Scripture include snake handling cults, the health/wealth gospel, and pseudo-christian cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The effects of the Fall have found expression in the religions of the world. Why are there so many religions? These are man-made attempts to re-connect with God on human terms while rejecting God’s terms. World religions are energized with demonic deception and manipulation.

There are lots of religions, philosophies, and ideas out there. They all claim to reflect reality and truth. And the claims of the Bible to reveal the True God and his saving plan are not popular, because there are totally exclusive. All other views and religions are in error. Only the biblical worldview reflects the reality of the Creator’s perspective, the way things really are.

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