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How could all of the animals fit into Noah’s ark?

The Bible describes Noah’s ark as a gigantic vessel, about the size of today’s super tankers. It was built to preserve the lives of eight persons and thousands of wildlife pairs against the onset of divine judgment upon human sinfulness and corruption. The flood was a historical event, global in scope, geologically supported and recounted in the stories of a hundred ancient cultures. That means that all the peoples, land animals and birds, on earth today originated from the families of Noah’s sons: Shem, Japheth, and Ham (Genesis 6:10).

Some consider the Flood story to be a fairy tale and doubt the feasibility of such a floating zoo. But creation scientists have calculated the size of the ark and the square feet necessary to house the animals that God brought to Noah (Genesis 6:20). It is estimated that Noah had to house about 8.000 animal “kinds” or about 16,000 individual animals. Remember that you only need one “horse kind” to produce horses, zebras and donkeys. And you only need one “dog kind” to produce dogs, wolves and coyotes. This greatly diminishes the number of animals necessary to protect life during the Flood.

The space inside the Ark was large enough to hold 522 standard railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep. Since only 11% of all land animals are larger than a sheep, we can see that 16,000-plus animals would have occupied much less than half the space in the Ark (even allowing them some moving-around space). This would include the fifty five “kinds” of very young dinosaurs that would have been part of the passenger list. It is conceivable that many of the animals could have “hibernated” for a considerable part of the year-long ordeal.

The God of creation has revealed himself in a book which he inspired ancient authors to record. We can trust the Bible as an accurate account of the historical past. Check out more sources on this subject at the answersingenesis.org website.

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