We're approaching the time of year where those in the US of A celebrate Thanksgiving, and while many enjoy a holiday to be off work, a good dinner with family, or massive shopping sales, I wonder how many truly stop to think about GIVING of THANKS? How much gratitude is there?

While everyone's situation is different, for many:

Are you thankful that you have a job with a holiday off? Perhaps even a paid holiday?

Are you thankful that you had plenty to eat?

Are you blessed with family or friends you were able to gather with?

Were you able to freely gather with others, perhaps even traveling, and overall safe, unhindered, and moving about your tasks without fear or danger?

Are you healthy?

Did you count all the blessings in your life this holiday time?

Maybe you didn't have much of that list, but how has God blessed you?

Were you even thankful you were alive?

Are you acknowledging that God is giving you your very breath?

What other little things is God doing that you haven't stopped to acknowledge?

If you profess to be a Christian, were you thankful for grace, mercy, love, faithfulness?

Did you thank GOD for who HE is, regardless of your circumstances?

Today, let's have GRATITUDE and truly give THANKS to where it is due.

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