Following Where God Calls: From 2019 into 2020

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

"It seems like a good day to die."

These are words from a trucker contemplating suicide on his birthday. To some this is unfathomable and heart wrenching, but for the trucking industry it has become a regular occurrence...something that is almost expected by owners now. The mass amounts of pressure put on truckers to deliver the nation's goods on time is immense. There is great loneliness experienced by truckers as well (with many being gone 4-6 weeks before coming home for just a few days only to head back out again). The combination of a high-pressure job, loneliness, temptations at truck stops, and long hours working are a lethal combination for these men and women. They are in desperate need of hope. They need the Gospel...they need Jesus!

Throughout 2019 we took action to embrace modern technology as an organization to further our pursuit of reaching truckers where they are. Our end goal in reaching any trucker has always been the same: connect them to the faith community, share the Gospel with them, show them who Jesus is and who He has made us to be. This is our end goal. The following is a list of our additions to our service offerings this year (all free of cost to truckers and users):

  • Podcast - Drivers are typically on the move in their trucks so we utilized the power of audio to enable the drivers to listen to the gospel message and hear wholesome content WHILE they are driving. This opens up a whole additional timeframe to engage with the truckers on the road.

  • Blog - Every week we put out content asking theological questions that encourage our followers to think deeply about the Truth that God has made known. The blog also tackles issues like: How to deal with loneliness, How to deal with anger, How to tell your colleagues about Jesus, and more!

  • Website - Our old website was a bit clunky so we invested some operational funds to create a more user-friendly website that will allow our followers to order Bibles, get in contact with us, and view our content in a more enjoyable way.

  • Video - Highway Connections wants to tell our story...we need to share our message and the messages of truckers all around the nation. Because of this, we are starting to utilize video to deliver content. This is still in the beginning stages, but we know this will be a big player in this ministry down the road.

  • Phone and Text - Speaking of big players in the ministry, this one might just take the cake for now. We are in the beginning stages of partnering with a company that will allow for truckers to text a number and get in contact with Highway Connections as well as a "Soul Medic" who is there for support through text or call to talk about suicidal thoughts, truckers struggling with loneliness, truckers fighting temptation, or truckers who just need a listening ear. We believe that this will save lives, improve lives, and direct souls to our Lord and Savior.

This shift has been monumental for Highway Connections, and we give thanks to God for all he has allowed us to accomplish. However, this movement requires funding, planning, and execution. We are asking for your help to fund the mission, pray for the mission, and support the mission in any way you can. Millions of souls are literally at stake here. It is no small mission, no small goal....but surely not big enough that God can't handle it.

We had a decent here's to an OUTSTANDING 2020! To God be the glory.

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