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Did animals evolve?

Ever since Charles Darwin wrote his Origin of the Species in 1859, the scientific community has been enamored with his theory of evolution as an explanation for how life came into existence.

Darwin extrapolated his field observations of genetic changes that occurred among Galapagos finches and conjectured the possibility that these birds could have evolved from a distant common ancestor, (iguanas perhaps?). That is, Darwin’s observation of genetic variations within certain species (variation in finch beak size) became the rationale for the faith assumption of macro-evolution between species, genus, and family (finch evolved from iguana). In other words, the change in finch beak size was the beginning of the theory that later came to suppose that an amoeba was the biological ancestor of humans.

Over the decades, neo-Darwinism has attempted to explain how this absurd notion could have occurred. For example, evolutionary biologists have conceptualized that a dinosaur would evolve into a bird, by a series of very lucky mutations, run by the engine of ‘survival of the fittest’. Inevitably, they have come to believe that all living things trace their origin to an elementary life form that arose spontaneously from a batch of “primordial soup”; after all, even an amoeba has to come from somewhere. This spontaneous life was the result of energy and chemical forces interacting purely by chance.

Of course, evolutionary chance needs to be defined. We are not talking poker odds or even Powerball lottery odds. We mean that the chance that non-life evolved into life is no better that 1 in 10 80,000. This number is as close to zero as you can get. Talk about impossible odds. But evolutionary hopes spring eternal because Darwin’s theory gives many scientists something they never had before: a non-religious model for the origins of life. It may be far-fetched, but it’s all they got.

Creationists recognize changes within species. The concept of adaptation to an environment is well documented and accounts for the variations of beak size, wingspan, skin color, etc. But a theory that claims that nothing became something which accidentally evolved into a complex rational, emotional, creative human being is absurd.

Design in nature is evidence of a Designer. And this Designer has revealed how this universe came to existence. He made it out of nothing (Genesis 1:1; John 1:3). Where did animal life come from? He created them. They did not evolve. He fashioned the vast variety of flora and fauna and genetically programmed them to reproduce “after their kind” (Genesis 1:20-25).

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