2019 Bible Distribution Report

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

What’s been happening with Highway Connections' NASB Bibles in 2019? As we continue to move into the digital arena to tactfully connect with the trucking community online in a meaningful way, we have not forgotten our roots as a ministry. Bibles are still being distributed, and will continue to be distributed across the United States to be put into truckers hands. Here are some encouraging facts from 2019:

13,899 Bibles

Yes, almost fourteen thousand Bibles were placed into a trucker's hand so that he could engage and read the Word of God while he was on the road. How great is God!

13 New Distribution Partners

In addition to our regular distributors, we had thirteen new distributors partner up with us to spread the gospel to the trucking community. We are both humbled and blessed by the support we have seen from the industry. There is no doubt...people KNOW that the trucking industry is broken and is in desperate need of Jesus, His Truth, and the hope that only He can offer. We are prayerful for more Bibles and more partners added this coming 2020.

Interested in becoming a Distribution Parter? Click Here to get connected!

Changes To Our Bibles:

Changes happened on the inside of the Bibles this past year as well.

A new insert was placed in the middle of all of our HC Bibles.

This insert included:

  • A QR code to direct the driver to our website for devotionals, support, and podcasts sharing the gospel message.

  • A Tear-off section to keep or give to a fellow trucker with our information on it.

  • An additional Tear-off card can be given to a company for information on how to connect their drivers or employees to Highway Connections.

One final change was made inside the cover of the Bible. We added a QR code that allows drivers instant access to a Spanish Bible online so that they are able to read in their preferred language.

It is amazing what new technology can enable us to do in order to make God's Word more accessible and provide tools to engage in God's Word in a meaningful way. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates and information on Highway Connections!

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