“B54” Challenge

Did you know that it takes Highway Connections $2,430 a month to live as a ministry? This includes our monthly rent, printing, phone, internet and wages.

So our challenge this year is to have 54 people or businesses donate $45.00 a month to cover our ministry costs. That’s $1.50 a day times 30 days. Would you prayerfully consider a commitment to “B” one of the 54? If so, please click on the “B54” challenge  link below.

The “B54” challenge will enable us to use all the other monies that come in for the sole purpose of  connecting the trucking community with the faith community for a better life!

This will enable Highway Connections to focus on our vision and mission statements in more concrete ways (see bottom of home page).

Thank you for considering the “B54” challenge and partnering with us as we move forward in 2019 with a grateful and faithful heart that trusts in God’s perfect plan for HIS ministry!

For God’s Glory!


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