Highway Connections is run by a working board.  As a board, we are passionate about Highway Connections ministry and are excited to use the gifts God has given us to grow the impact of this ministry.

Joe Oldenbroek

Joe has been a board member since January 2011 and he is the owner of Oldenbroek Trucking, LLC and Logos Freight Solutions, LLC. He has a passion for the trucking industry and their families to connect with God and His Word in order for them to know and mature in Christ.

Bob Tilburt
Board Member

After being a pastor for several years, Bob retired in 2015 and moved to the Grand Rapids area. He became acquainted with Highway Connections and was asked to be on the board and serve as a representative to churches.

Bob Huls
Vice President

Bob’s father, Raleigh Huls, was the founder of Highway Melodies, now Highway Connections. He has a heart for Highway Connections because like his father, Bob also is a truck driver.

Bryan Tilburt

Bryan has been involved with Highway Connections since January 2013 serving in multiple positions. He has a heart for helping others with their bookkeeping and computer needs.

Brian Jackson
Board Member

I have had a special place in my heart for truckers since I was eight years old. Our neighbor was a longhauler for a UP logging company.  It is a tough, lonely occupation.  Highway Connections  Board Members want to give that trucker, male or female a message of redemption and hope.