Raleigh Huls, Founder

Highway Melodies Inc. was founded in 1974 by an incredible Christian truck driver, Raleigh Huls, who had a calling from God to evangelize and witness to his fellow truckers. Raleigh worked diligently to distribute Bibles that related to truck drivers as well as serving as a chaplain with local trucking companies, and made strides in trying to connect truck drivers, retired truck drivers, and other trucking related individuals in supporting and encouraging one another.

The ministry was called Highway Melodies because its founder had a tremendous singing voice and a CB handle of Songbird (click the play button below to hear Raleigh Huls sing).

After a humble beginning and early years of slow growth, Highway Melodies was able to build its outreach to span 500 participating truck stops in all 48 contiguous states and parts of Canada.

In 2016, Highway Melodies changed its name to Highway Connections. While the name Highway Melodies still holds the heart and history of the ministry, Highway Connections more accurately conveys the comprehensive mission and vision of the ministry moving forward.