Highway Melodies Inc. was founded in 1974 by Raleigh Huls, who had a calling from God to evangelize and witness to his fellow truckers. Raleigh worked to distribute Bibles that related to truck drivers and served as a chaplain with local trucking companies. His goal was to connect truck drivers, retired truck drivers, and other trucking related individuals in supporting and encouraging one another in Christ.

In 2016, Highway Melodies changed its name to Highway Connections to more accurately convey the comprehensive mission and vision of the ministry moving forward.  We currently serve 500 participating truck stops in the US and Canada. 


We place thousands of Bibles in truckers hands each and every year. Our volunteer distributors are made up of truck drivers, churches, truck stops, individuals, and businesses who have a desire to be involved in this mission.


In addition to distributing Bibles, we also provide tools that enable truckers to engage with God's word and think critically through Scripture.  This is accomplished through our podcast and our new Devotionals section where truckers are given free access to multiple sets of devotionals that teach core doctrine and application of the Gospel.


We are also available to represent our ministry in churches who are interested in partnering with us to reach truck drivers and their families for Christ!

Everything we do and stand for in this ministry is connecting the trucking community with the faith community for a better life through the distribution of special edition New American Standard Bibles (NASB).

We know that God’s Spirit and Word has the power to change lives for the better.

Our desire is to focus on individual wellness through discipleship in Christ, relationships with trucking industries, education & resources from a Biblical worldview and connections with churches who can touch the lives of truckers and their families. 

With millions of individuals in the trucking industry and their families still needing God’s Word and promise of salvation, we at Highway Connections invite you to connect with us and see God at work!